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We here at Viper Products and Services, LLC deeply care about the environment. We feel it is our duty as citizens to keep the environment in the best possible working condition for future generations. With extensive research and a staff filled with years of environmental experience we are confident that our products and services will get any of the following jobs done:

Oil Spills Big or Small

VREW – 9250 is the perfect ingredient to defeat any size oil spill. Here are a few examples of some of the challenges Viper has taken on.

Testing / Reporting

Not all spills are considered reportable spills. For the ones that require reporting it is necessary to provide soil samples. This step in the process will help determine the correct procedure to follow for an acceptable cleanup plan. This plan is called the Corrective Action Plan otherwise known as the CAP.

The CAP is the first step in the reporting process. Documentation is a necessary evil when dealing with reportable spills. It enables the various Government Agencies responsible for overseeing the cleanup process to see what was done and to determine that the soil is at an acceptable standard for environmental stability. Click below for a copy of a CAP and Closure report.


Remediation / Reclamation

Viper Products And Services is prepared to assist you in Remediating and or Reclaiming projects you are faced with. We wish to help your company achieve you environmental goals and to minimize your environmental footprint for a better future for our kids and a “Clean America” for tomorrow!

Before Remediation

After Remediation

Before Remediation

After Remediation

Before Reclamation

After Reclamation

Excavation / Bore & Core Drilling

Our team at Viper is ready to build your trust in our services as we build your project and when your spills run deep, call Viper for more reach!

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